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Add a new row in Airtable

Hello, i’m trying to add new row in Airtable, but i receive this error

“cannot accept a value because the field is computed”.

The data i try to add to this field is in TEXT but already exist in the linked table. How can i add the data to a linked field ?

Is there a solution ? Thanks

Hello @aiasp welcome to the community!

Check the field in AT which seems to be a calculated field. Perhaps, create another field there and send the Bubble data to that new field.


Hi, thanks,
it’s no a formula but a linked record,

what u say is what i thought to do for extreme solution,

but i need to read this data field in other applications already developed so adding a new field should be a problem


Then deposit that AT linked data onto a new AT field that stores it as text on the AT table that you are working on. The remedy is on AT not Bubble.


so i never can’t input a linked field from B to AT ?

Nope …