Add a number every time I select a checkbox complete and click update

Ive got a thing called Consignment which has:

  • importer (company)
  • an number field called statement number

I’m trying to add statement number every time to the consignment (thing) when I click update and completed checkbox is yes to the list of consignment with same importer in how can I achieve this

Lets say the last consignment X With importer 1 has statement number 10

when I click update from another form the next statement number for import 1 should be 11

You can use when an input is changed , then make changes to a thing (the thing will be the statement number which you will add one to it) . Make sure the only when on the workflow is only when checkbox is checked .

Hi thanks for the reply. I’m able to reach till the workflow with the only when checkbox is checked (completed is yes)

The API scheduled looks like this

However, it doesn’t iteratively add the number

Please assist on how can I achieve the addition of number (increment the number by one)