Add a unlimited storage plan for $10-15 per month per user & allow adult content

I love that the bubble team is improving pricing plans & lowering the price of storage to 10 cent per GB, but it would be even better with a unlimited storage per user plan for around $10-15 per month per user. For example, let’s say I grow a social media / video sharing app with 1000 users on the storage plan, that would be $10,000 to $15,000 per month in the bubble team’s bank instead me paying BOX $20 per month for unlimited storage per user. Also, adult entertainment is a massive industry, so allowing adult content / nudes will boost profits a lot. For example, I have a big project plan to build a content subscription app like Onlyfans that allows adult content, but I can’t build it on bubble because of the no nudity rule, so I’m currently planning on coding it soon unless bubble changes that rule. If bubble makes these changes, I’ll be able to put my focus into mastering bubble & creating lots of complex bubble plugins.

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Bubble’s legal team was pretty clear with me that while they are okay with non-pornographic adult content, they would draw the line at pornographic.

It’s certainly hard to find service suppliers in the adult world!

Feel free to message me - I’m in the sexual wellness space as well :slight_smile:

I’m currently in hardcore training to become a master full stack developer & I’m learning rapidly, so my big app that gives users freedom of expression will start being built very soon. Take it from me, coding is nowhere near as difficult as they make it seem IF you know the practical roadmap & absorb what is useful & reject what is useless to your project. Also, focus on learning concepts instead of trying to memorize all the syntax & everything. And remember there are lots of fancy tricks, but you only need a very few.

Check out my new OnlyFans plugin, you guys!!! :man_shrugging: