Add ability to hide floating groups in Responsive view

Hi @TechieInAK
Two groups?
I thought I need to use only one group and one floating group.

Can you please tell me how to do this with two groups ?

Yes, one floating group and one regular group behind it. @richardosborne14 said it best:

  • add a regular Group behind your floating group, with the same width and height, no background, nice and invisible to the eye
  • add a hiding rule to this group in the Responsive builder, with the same width as the hiding condition on your floating group.
  • When you shrink the width, the condition hides the floating group, and the hiding rule collapses the width of the regular group, pulling the content group to the left.

Did you add the hiding rule for when the screen shrinks?

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I was not using Responsive builder to hide the group. Instead I was using UI builder till now.

I missed that step. Sorry, My bad. It worked now.

Thanks @TechieInAK

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Glad to hear it @sam2

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Great. This worked for me.

Thanks for the insights… However this doesn’t actually works because when you hide the floating group its “ghost” remains on top of things and we can’t click anything behind it (even though the floating group is invisible). I stopped using the “bumper” group and everything is looking perfect BUT, cannot click behind the ghost floating menu.

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