Add an item to a list and reverse it?

I have a list of images to which I add another image (that stand at the end of this list) and I want to show this list in a RG but before I want to reverse this list so that the last item be displaying at the first place.

Until now I remove all items in the list and add my first image and then add again all items removed earlier.

As you imagine this is weird and the problem is how to do if there are more 2 images in the beginning list ?
Is it possible to do so simply within the datasource ?

After a long time to search and test, I understood it necessary to adopt a new sight or logic, different than the usual programming logic.

So, for this problem it would be useful to split the logic into small pieces. What we have to do : display logo and images in the RG, so we have to ask for logo->converted to a list->merged with->list of images.
Et voilà