Add button as the first item in a repeating group?

Hi there! I am trying to find a way to have the first item in a repeating group to be an “add item” button and then from item #2 onwards, it shows the list of data in the RG as usual.

The add button will enable the user to add new items to the RG list.

Hope there is a solution out there. Thanks in advance!

Why does the button need to be in the RG?

Well, I have tried without the button in the RG but I feel it’ll be much cleaner to have the button in the RG. As you can see in the screenshot, the user can assign tags (skills) to profiles. Ideally I want it so the AWS tag would be the “+” button (to create a new tag in the database) and then AWS will shift to the 2nd spot. Hope this makes sense!

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