Add button inside a repeating group

Hi Guys, Is there any way I can achieve this design and behavior in bubble

This Image and Title are coming from database and the button upload video is also housed inside a group. I want RG with 3 columns and and responsive upload video button

Hey, yes it’s totally possible. I assume you are asking how to implement the “upload video” cell. Recommend checking out this guide.

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Hey, Thank you so much for sharing this video. Wow it looks possible now, I will try this and get back to you…

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I did it simpler,
not sure if for all of the use cases, it will work, guess it should.

I’ll use your example.
If I have a list of Emails, I just create one in my DB by default, let say I name it “+ New Email”

in RG, Data source: Search for my emails , plus item (and search my default email)

In the conditions for Current Cells, I’ve used when it’s that email, I just change it’s background, or the workflow action is different

At the end it looks like this: