Add checkbox value to cart items/Send Email workflow

I have 3 data types, Metadata (the main database), Order and User

I have a RG (below) that displays the current users cart (List of Metadata’s)

when you click submit quote step 1 creates an entry in the Order data type

step 2 sends the email

in the body of the email I’m able to display each item in the order, this all works fine.

however, in the RG I have a checkbox and I need to add this value to each item in the list (doesn’t strictly have to be checkbox, I’ve tried with drop-down, input box etc can’t figure out how to add anything to each item), I’ve been trying and googling for hours but can’t figure it out. I tried having the checkbox change a custom state and inserted that custom state in the email (in the format content as text box) but this doesn’t return the value of each checkbox for each line item.

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