Add columns - enable vertical + horizontal scrolling

Hey everyone,

Any way to add this functionality to my repeating groups? Or would I have to find a different way to display data?

In short, I’d like to have the ‘add columns’ button there so people can add or remove columns (which are data fields). Also when more columns are added, both vertical as well as horizontal scrolling are enabled.

See image below:


Looking forward to an answer on this also. Like mentioned before I it would be awesome when when would have an option like collapse width when hidden, like we do have on collapse height.

@hansdekk @FJP

Yes, I believe you can do this using conditionals, for example:

“When [Company] is checked” then > Date Source = Do a search for… with a constraint of field = company.

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Yeah that part should probably be fine. The vertical + horizontal scrolling part would probably require some sort of table plugin I’m afraid.

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Yep probably

Bumping this up in case someone suggests a solution.

@hansdekk are you able to get horizontal scroll if columns are fixed? In my case columns are fixed, but are more than what can fit in screen. So I want to add a horizontal bar, but it is not appearing and instead RG’s width is getting increased. I tried making it’s parent group as fixed width, but that didn’t help.

Hey @mghatiya, here’s a video I put together that I think creates what you are looking for: Getting creative with RGs & Option Sets!

Thanks @eli for sharing that video. It is a neat trick and it would achieve what I had in mind. Nicely done. I won’t have thought of that.

Couple of questions:

  • Would it mean I would have “n” search queries for “n” columns? Any way of doing it with just one query?
  • I suppose there is no workaround for not having to create Option Set. I have no issue with option sets per se, but if I add/edit a field in my original data type, then I need to remember to update the option set too, and I might just miss that.

Also, what if I want different column widths for different columns? That won’t be possible, right? Or is that achievable too?