Add components to pages through workflow

Because of the topic is-it-possible-to-build-this-webapp-www-softr-io started by bfrtts the following idea:

  1. Make it possible to add components (text, label, dropdown, text area etc.) or reusables to pages and groups (or drop slots with predefined settings) through workflow.
  2. If a page/group has a type of content, data source etc. it should also be possible to set initial content, enable autobinding etc for the newly added child component through workflow for instance
  3. Of course it would be good if attributes like “input should not be empty”, “disabled”, “visible on page load” etc. can be set through workflow.


  1. This will prevent having groups stacked on top of one another (sometimes more than 10 groups).
  2. This will allow Bubble-users to build saas-/webapps in which we can let our users define forms/pages/gui’s more easily. Information like layout, datasource etc. can be saved in the database. Through workflow, based on the details in the database the screen can be dynamically filled with components.

Would love this, our current proposal builder has 8 stacked blocks that hide and show based on custom state inside a repeating group, it works great but def impacts load speed.