Add ":converted to" to expression builder

I just encountered a need to convert a text value to a number - e.g. go from a string like “1” or “01” to an integer. However, as best I can tell, this basic functionality does not exist in Bubble. It would be really useful to have this in the expression builder alongside “:formatted as” for string values.

I did see reference in the forums to using the toolbox plugin for this. However, that seems like a rather “round-about” approach to accomplish what could/should be straightforward via Bubble’s dynamic expression builder - e.g. something like “:converted to” --> “integer”.

Not only that, but resorting to the JS toolbox for such a thing runs contrary to the whole Bubble philosophy of enabling and empowering non-coders.

My current situation is that I need to construct a date from strings representing year, month, day. I can easily create a date via Current date/time and then change month to, but I have no way of converting the string “03” to an integer. :confused:

If I’ve overlooked something and this is possible, please let me know.


I continue to encounter situations which require the Bubble equivalent of parseInt() and parseFloat(), and unless I’m missing something, that’s not possible without the kludge noted in my original post - i.e. using an input element as an intermediary.

This almost seems like it’d be trivial to implement (says the guy who knows nothing about Bubble’s internals :wink:). Anyway, I’ll bet @emmanuel could implement it in his :sleeping:.

Seriously though, is there any chance we might see this capability any time soon? :crossed_fingers:

This is a very essential requirement, Since ios is not able to accept decimal in input boxes (formatted as decimal)