Add/Create Element or Group From Workflow

Hi, is there a way, or plugin to create an element or a group from a workflow?

Right now I’m building something similar to an email campaign builder. The path goes from top to bottom. Its quite easy with a single repeating group, however when I need to split the path into 2, I will need 2 vertical repeating groups as a result of that element being selected.

In the image below, Repeating Group #1 would be shown by default. But I’d need a workflow that could create RG #2 & 3.

Hi there, @mark7… if I understand your post correctly, you can’t create repeating groups via a workflow, but you can have all of the necessary repeating groups on the page, have them hidden on page load and set to be collapsed when hidden, and show them when they need to be shown. Is that what you are trying to do?


Hi, I thought of that as well but in order to allow them to go back later and enter a split at different points i’ll probably have to make a grid of regular groups and then assign each ‘node’ a row and column number and do it that way.

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