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Add "created by user" in forumapp3 and clean it up

Would it be possible to add “created by user” in forumapp3?

I’m currently reviewing App “collapsemenus”. I’d like to know how the user who created it got [RG Heading-cell2] to collapse when [RG Subheading is hidden? When I do that with my nested RG, the original RG-cell2 stays in its position. :frowning:

I know this discussion’s been present before with forumapp1/2 but would it also be possible to clean up forumapp3 and have all pages follow a convention, including supporting info, instructions etc. so they are easy to follow and use. I assume that’s the purpose of forumapp3, and it’s a really good one.

@Bubble could have admins approve forumapps with something (e.g. color code, checkmark in name) so users can see that the page is an approved and functioning display.