Add Data to Existing Data List

How to add additional data to existing list with the unique id,

What are you trying to do?

(I’ve got no idea what I’m looking at here, what you’re trying to do, or what problem you’re having, nor what ‘unique ID’ has to do with anything… if you want any help you’ll have to clarify your question)


I want to the new input will be added the value to repair history repeating group with the same data in the record in the list?

Thanks for your support.

What is the datatype of the Repair History Repeating Group?

The data type is all in txt format.

Its contain around 3k data stored in my database

I meant what is the datatype itself (not what type of fields it contains)…

In any case, you’ll need to create a new entry in the database (not make changes to an existing list of entries), so that the new entry will appear in the RG.

Do you have a guide to make an entry display to all user,

Many thanks for your support.

Its work but its affect all data

I don’t understand what you mean…

Fo example ill search Vin code then database response the record the current value information was printed on view page then the page content have an option to update thier record, now i what we want is when we add input it will affect only the current record not all record list.