Add Form Inputs Based on Count

Hi Guys

I would like to dynamically add form inputs based on the number of items provided.

That is : Table A has a field called No. of Cars (say 5).

I would like to use this field to dynamically create 5 input fields where I can input the car details into Table B.

If another person has recorded 3 Cars in Table A, only 3 fields will appear for the user to enter the details of the car into Table B.

How can I achieve this?

Sounds like repeating group with static list is the choice. But if you’re going to save car detals into database, I’d suggest to use list of things as a field of Table A.

Thanks Vlad.

I am okay with the database set up.

The problem is how to set up my forms for Table B so that they display as many fields as saved in Table A

Well, I lack details about your task, but this example illustrates what I mean: Aovsdkres | Bubble Editor

This is starting to make sense. Let me try it on my app and I will give you feedback on the outcome

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