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Add "History" panel for Undo/Redo buttons

When using the Undo action in the Workflow editor it’s hard to know what is being undone. Could you add a panel like Photoshop has to see the history of changes? This will make the actions that the undo/redo buttons are performing easier to understand.



This is much needed. Sometimes I blindly revert more changes than I wanted because I do an inadvertent double click on the undo button


Just another +1 for this feature. Often I “undo” something, and I don’t really know what I have undone, because my actual last action was in a different part of the editor.


Has anyone found a way to do this? I’m new to Bubble and just came back to my app this morning and now a function isn’t working, but I’m not sure what I did that would have broke it. A edit history would really help figure it out.

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Basic option for any workflow.
I hope they do that.