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Add inputs and dropdowns automatically

Good morning, I’m creating an app for personal trainer and the training creation part is variable, for example, there is training that has 4 exercises, there is training that has 5 exercises, and I would like to know if there is any way to be variable apart from inputs. As if it were in a Word table, and I added a new row, for example to add a new exercise.

Hey @fococaveira1

Thanks for the post and excellent question. This is absolutely possible with Bubble. Depending on what you need to know about trainings and excercises, you might set this up a couple of ways, but here’s what I would lean towards.

I would have a Training data type. It could track whatever info you need to store about each training including a field for Exercises. This would be a list of exercises. You would also obviously have an Exercise data type that would track any information specific to an exercise.

In terms of displaying that on the front end, you might have a repeating group that represents the list of exercises associated with a given training. Each row of the repeating group could have an input / text element etc that corresponds to that particular exercise that is part of the list.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly if this kicks up any additional questions: [email protected]

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