Add item to a temporary list, and create things later on

This has probably been asked many times, but myself, a beginner would want to seek for clarification.

Objective: Select items in a popup, most likely a temporary list, and save these later on as things

Just a few questions for clarification as I am looking at the Customs State list to handle this task:

  1. In a popup, there is a selection of items, when I click the item, the workflow should set a state.
  • what would be the best way to write the expression? convert to list plus item?
  1. When I click the items, I intend it displayed in the RG outside the popup but still in the same page, should the source of the RG be the Custom State list?

Many thanks for your help, friends!

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Create a custom state with the type being your data type and make it into a list.

When you select an object from your first RG (the RG should have the same type as the list) you would then add the object to the custom state list.

In your second RG, where you will be displaying the selected objects, set the data source to be the custom state list.

Hope this helps



Complementing @ntabs great advice grasping the concept of manipulating lists is critical in programming not to say the least in Bubble.


  • adding, removing single items to and from lists located in (1) custom states of type list, (2) repeating groups which by themselves handle lists, (3) dataType list fields …. yeap … these also can be manipulated :smiley:. Here the :plus :minus :add :remove operators are your friend in different situations
  • adding, removing mini lists to and from other lists. Here the :set list :add list :remove list operators are there for these purposes
  • constraining lists . Using fields to narrow lists within search expressions or filtering expressions ….
  • filtering lists. Here your :filtered operator comes to play
  • advanceFiltering lists. This one will come more naturally once you learn the prior ones along with relational dB modeling

Below are several resources that tackle the above in various ways. The key is to realize that manipulating lists of ……

take your pick:

  • dataTypes
  • numbers
  • texts
  • optionsSets
  • entriesComingFromApiCalls
  • others ….

Is what one is aiming to learn from below:

Hope the above is useful in some fashion now. It for certain may be in the future as you become more familiar with building with Bubble :smiley:

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Thank you! Got it working.

So the concept is to add the items using plus item operator in an invisible list (custom state). @ntabs Thanks Nino!

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