Add items to the table based on RepetGroup selection

Hello, bubble´s
I would like to know how to add to the table only the items selected in a RepeatGroup by a CheckBox, not all, but only those that I select.


This video should show you how

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Hello Carlos.
Thanks for the tip, but it didn’t work for me.
I found it very complicated making this video.

Consider the following short videos on how to build your first app. Bubble is a visual programming language and perhaps the prior video covered topics that required some previous knowledge on general “Bubblish”.

Sorry, Mr. Carlos, but I’ve already skillfully developed a lot on Bubble. I ran into this momentary problem so I asked the forum for help.

See that I already have the system ready.

Use custom states with workflows to add and substract items into and from a custom state list of what the rg holds.
You should have two workflows that trigger upon the click of an rg row or a button within an rg row.
One with a condition not to continue when the row’s entry is containted in the cs list and a second one to continue when it is not.
When the entry is not contained then set the cs state to add the entry (selecting the list :plus item), and when it is not to substract it (selecting the list :minus item)

Hope this helps :+1: