Add 'list' of ID's plus other details about their properties to table

Hi there -

How can we add multiple things from a ‘list’ and the multiple things on the list’s details in a database?

So for instance we have a database of all terms. One column has linked records to nutrients. When someone chooses pear, it has a nutrient column that is a ‘list’ of the ids of nutrients.

We want to add this list of ids of nutrients to a different nutrient table in a database, but not only the nutrient but also it’s name from the list of names.

How can I set this up?

Hey @raconcilio ,

Here is the solution to your problem.

Create a custom state where your product’s unique id will be saved.

Afterward, select the button on click of that value to the custom state will be set to the unique id of the product.

Once custom states contain the unique id of the product. In my case, I have created a new button on clicking that button I have created the data in the database.

I hope this will help you with your problem…

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