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Add List only adding last item

I’m trying to add a list of job_inputs to a new available_job, but only the last item is being added.

The job_inputs are being added from it’s parent group’s thing, which is a “job”

The expression I’m using when creating a new available_job is:
"Job Inputs add list Parent group’s job’s job inputs"

The list of job inputs is displayed above the submit button and displays all of them, but only the last one is being added. This was working earlier this week and I’m not sure what happened :frowning:

yes it s a bug. just filling out a report

Thank you. Glad I’m not just going crazy. I’ve got some seriously irritated users O_o

same here. Got some issues with some orders :slight_smile:

@nnich19 Apparently we need to find another way of doing this. Is not a bug and i was advised to use more actions instead of 1

What actions? I’m confused because this was working before and nothing changed in my workflow. Not sure what I can do, other than Add List, to add a list of items.

It’s a huge mess for me as well. I am using this kind of action constantly and everything worked just fine until yesterday.
Let me explain what we should do
In this example we have data type = user2 with the fields:

postal code
list of texts

When i create a user i do this:
Action 1

Action 2
Then i build the list like this:

This is not working anymore.
Please check the editor here:
Link to app here:

What we should do now is something like this:
Action 1
Create the thing

Action 2

Action 3

Action 4

Action 5

We may have two different use cases.

The “Job Inputs add list Parent’s group’s Job’s Job inputs” should add a list of job inputs, but it only adds the last one. The entire reason “add list” exists is to do it in one go…

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We’re looking at options there, dont change your app yet.


I m not sure if it helps but for 1 second, the list is correct. After 1 second the data is vanished and i only have the last value left. This happens in front-end only, not in the database


We’re pushing a fix to this, should be live in the next 20 min.

You da man, emmanuel!

Now i can breathe again. Thank you so much for this fix

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