Add multiple contacts

I’d like to know if it’s possible to add multiple contacts from a form.
When I hit Save button, I have input values creating a record in the Vendors database. What I want is to add contacts linked with the Vendor’s name in Contacts database. Currently it works if I add one contact, using the Result of step 1. But in some cases, I could have to add more than one contact. And I don’t find how to do this.

Thank you.

You want to schedule a workflow on a list. Apparently this is only possible on a paid plan (why this is behind a paywall is #bubbledum).

See this post for an example: How to save individually from List of thing to the database - #3 by bubble.trouble

Does it all have to happen at the same time? Could you type in the vendor info like you have, hit save, then either on the next screen or something else just have a + sign to add a new contact, and when you click the + sign it cerate’s a new contact on the fly? Then every time you press + it keeps making a new one instead of trying to do it all at once?

@tylerboodman Yes this is the other option I was thinking to try in case it’s not possible to do everything with a single Save. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yea maybe what you’re thinking is possible but it would include a lot of custom state stuff to store lists of contacts temporarily on the page before hitting save.

I like to do a lot of stuff “on the fly” like when you add a contact it actually creates it, adds it to the vendor, etc all from clicking that button because if you ever close out or lose connection you don’t lose your entire page’s worth of stuff you’ve typed.

Lemme know if you need help with this method