Add multiple data for a same input from a form


I’m a one week newbie on Bubble with so much to discover… and I’m trying to build a vendor directory database.
I created a form with different fields to add new vendors.
On this form, I want to insert a section to add contacts. Contacts are stored in a different database.
As contacts can be more than one, I would like to have the possibility to create new lines like we can see in this example.

But before doing this, I’m blocked to add any single line of contact when I’m adding a vendor.

So first, I created my database for vendors and for contacts, with a relation to vendors in the contact database.

Then I have a form to enter the vendor information and save it.
I am able to save all the fields that are existing in the vendors database but I’m not able to send contacts fields data to contact database. What I would like to do is saving contact name, contact email and vendor name into contact database.

I have added a RG for my contacts, to add Contact Name and Contact Email.

But when I try to create new contacts, I don’t find how to send the fields data to the database.

Could you help me to understand how to solve this problem.

Thank you.


I don’t know if I 100% understand your problem. BUT it looks like when you are saving your contact for the vendor, you also want to save some information from the vendor itself.

If so, you may want to try something like using “Result of Step 1…” functionality.

For example, you’d:

  1. Add a new thing (in your case, the new vendor)
  2. Add a new thing (in your case, the contact)

When you make the action for #2, you can set the contact’s vendor to “Result of Step 1’s Vendor” (or something like that).

Does this help?

Hi @firstfifteensoftware ,

Thank you for your help. After some time, I managed with your help to add one contact with contact information and vendor name associated.
But it would be perfect if I can give the possibility to add more than one contact. I tried to add 2 new inputs for name and email to test but Bubble only save the first contact.
Do you know if this is possible?
I’m sharing my app with you. Let me know if you can access.

Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply, but hopefully this may still be helpful.

Your pop-up can have multiple entry fields. So you can have a text field named “vendorname1” and another named “vendorname2”.

Then when the user clicks your “save” button you can have one set of events to add your first vendor and contact. Then another set of events to add the second vendor and contact. You just need to have your first set reference “vendorname1” and the second set reference “vendorname2”.

Hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I will do this for 2 or 3 entries. Fore more than that, I added a radio button. If people select Yes, then it will open my vendor information page where it will be possible to add more contacts (and also delete contacts via Repeating group).
Thank you, really appreciated your help. :slight_smile:

Just another FYI:

When your users want to add a new row, you can open your pop-up to let them add one. Then give them a button on the pop-up to save (like you’re probably doing now).

BUT do NOT close the pop-up after you created your new Thing.

Instead, add a second button labeled “Close” which would actually close the pop-up.

This way, they can add a new row, click save, add another row, click save and so on until they are done adding. Then they can just close the pop-up when they are done adding.

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Thanks for the advice.
It’s actually exactly how I proceeded. :slight_smile:
They also can delete a contact displayed in the RG before closing the popup.