Add new data to database

Food for thought and any ideas welcomed:

I have a productivity tool I built on bubble and I am trying to:

  1. Mass upload data to my app once my customer is set-up. When I say this I mean a list of suppliers, a list of active POs, a list of my customer’s customers, etc. 100 - 2000 lines initial upload. This can be done via back-end upload of data so this is not my priority for the moment.

  2. Periodical data upload (daily or even more often)

Ideally, I would call an API to my customer’s environment if their ERP allows but this is not the case for most of my customers.

I am now left with a database wipe and a re-upload, manually, every day of my customer’s data. This is risky and tedious so I am looking for a better way to do the updates. What crosses my mind is a Google Sheet file that matches the various tables formats or a csv file placed in a specific location or even an in-platform upload of a CSV file. The latter seems to have been solved by 1T - CSV uploader but it is not 100% working and it is rather difficult to set-up.

Anybody else had the same issue and if so, how did you solve it?