Add new from a dropdown menu


I am new to Bubble and I have just built out my first dynamic input form to allow me to add client contacts and assign them to a particular department within a division of a company as shown . 56

However, what I am hoping to do is add a + New button at the top of the dropdown so that if the company / division or department is not in there already I can add it easily. This button would take me to a popout form to add the relevant details like the attached so that i don’t have to navigate to another page to input.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  1. You could possibly make an “Add New” entry on your Company Data Table so your Workflow would be When Dropdown Value Is Changed And Value Is Add New. You could make this “Add New” appear at the top of the list either by alphabetical sorting if you’re sure that you won’t have a company value that precedes it or you could add a sort order field to your Company Data Type.

  2. You could use radio buttons/checkboxes immediately preceding your Company Dropdown that have values such as “New” or “Existing”. I do this in my app and it defaults to “Existing” but if the user changes the value to “New” then my Dropdown is hidden and a new group is shown to add a new record.

Existing Selected:

New Selected:


Ah this is great, thank you so much.

I will give the second option a try.