Add numeric value to user's data field

Hi, I’m new to bubble and this probably might sounds very simple to you.

I am creating a simple cmr in which basic users are the sales rapresentatives and the admin is the sales manager. The sales manager is the only role that can change the deal status (option set).

When the sales manager change the status of a deal to “success” then i would like to change the sales rapresentative “earnings” data field by adding 50€ so that they can monitor how much they earn.

I created a workflow which says that when the status change to “success”, the data field “earnings” should change adding +50€. How do you think i can do this?

Thank you!

I just tried your case and took some screenshots for you to have a look.

After pressing the button change (to change status), then press update to change value (income change).

Not a very detail steps, but hope that you know the workflow. Hope this help!

Samson @ Plugin Developer
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wow, that’s very helpful! Thank you very much!! :smiley: