Add offline images to Android apk/GoNative


I have some images that I’m using all the time in my app (splash images, logos, static product images) etc.

Can these image files be added to the .apk and included when the app is installed? So that they don’t have to be downloaded, and can be accessed through a local URL? That would take my app one step closer to an offline experience, and at least work better in on a poor network.

I know there’s an offline functionality thread going on, but I though It’d be easier to isolate this one thing in a thread.

@supernaturally @natedogg

Did you figure this out?

Not only for images but also the basic layout of the app as well as menus etc. There is a lot of content that is not dynamic. Guess I need a closer look at browser storage…

I prioritized other things, so I didn’t dig too deeply into this, sorry.