Add option set to tags, based on text inside a string

I have the following situation.

In my database, I have records which have the following text fields

[ProjectA][Feature][Backend] New project feature 1
[ProjectB][Feature][Backend] New project feature 1

My goal, is to add an option set, to every record in which text field contains [ProjectA]. My option set contains those names - ex. ProjectA is there as an option display

Currently, my “do a search for” datbase:
This field contains [ProjectA]
doesn’t show those records correctly.

  1. What is the syntax of a search, I have to use to lookup a value within a string?
  2. Bonus question -
    Is there a way to first create a list of tags from every unique element that is inside these brackets?
  • meaning - look for unique elements that have following brackets and later add all unique texts inside the brackets to another database - create items for each of them for example.

Is ‘[ProjectA]’ just a string? Make sure there are no spaces.
The search should work… have you checked privacy rules?

What do you mean by unique elements exctly?

You could use an API workflow which takes Tag (‘string’) and Project (Project) as inputs and creates the tags.
To identify the Tags, use you can use the regex pattern [.?].
When a thing is created you can schedule the API workflow on a list and iterate over Field:extract with Regex(Pattern='[.
You could use a Trigger Workflow to update/add/delete the tags when the field is updated.