Add (or remove) specific items from a list

I am using an API that outputs URLs in either text delimited by a comma, or into a text list.

How do I either add only specific URLs of a particular domain (or remove URLs not part of the domain i.e.

I am spinning my wheels and have tried both the single text of strings delimited by a comma and the list, and have not worked out how to do it.

Appreciate your help!

Regex is great for this :slight_smile: specifically bubble’s :extract with regex operator.

I think this regex pattern should work:
Replace domain and .com with your actual domain.

Try putting the regex pattern and the API output in and and checking whether it catches all the URLs in your domain.

The above Regex pattern will catch all domains regardless of whether they have www. or https:// or if they have parameters in the URL (&key=param?key2=param2 etc…)

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Legend - thank you! For others down the track, I used the following regex:


I then set list - :each item;extracted by Regex

Appreciate it Nico.

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