Add product validation

I have this app where you can add a product. Now, I don’t know how to set the “add product” form to display a message of “This product is already exists” when the inputted SKU has the same SKU in the database. But if none, then proceed to adding the product.

Add conditionals to your WFs by searching for a product where SKU is the new app’s SKU.

If the search count is 0, then create the new product.

If the search count is 1, then display the error message

How can i set that up? I’m confused in the panels. I don’t know what to choose.

I can’t set it up by SKU is equal to new SKU

You have an SKU field, right? And your users would be able to input an SKU

You can set the constraint to be SKU = SKU input’s value

Yes, that’s what I’m trying to do but there is no SKU on the second part. All I can enter is “SKU =” after this there are no SKU on the choices just the current user, do a search for, gen an option, arbitrary text, get data from an external API and the elements. The SKU field is in my Product data type not on my User data type

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