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Add/Remove text from a list with ionic toggle?


These are the items i have to configure:

  • A User
  • A Thing
  • List of texts (ej. one - two - three - four - five)
  • Ionic Toggle
  • Dropdown that serves the before mentioned list. (updated based on the thing selections)

I want to enable “ionic toggles” to add / remove text on demand, as the owner of that thing wants it. Then i want to configure a dropdown that shows the thing list of texts.

For example:

Every text will have an independent toggle. If i disable texts “one” and “four”, the dropdown for that thing will show: “two”, “three” and “five”.

Then, if the owner of that thing updates the toggles in the future and disables text “two”, the list gets updated and the dropdown will now show: “three” and “five” only.

Any ideas?

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