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Add "reset" to "and when" box

The “and when” input where you build a sentence by selecting from dropdowns doesn’t have a clear way to backup or reset. Many other inputs have a little trashcan icon or a “remove condition” button.

There is a clear way to add another word/phase, just click on “more” or whatever.

I’ve found that hitting backspace seems to mostly work, but results are inconsistent.

Maybe a trashcan icon to clear it, or just a minus option to remove the last word/phrase?

For example, here I’m trying to remove an “and when” from a trigger. I just want the single condition, not both of them. I can use backspace to remove almost everything but it’s left with an error because the first part of the sentence can’t be removed. Is my only option to create a new trigger from scratch?

If you keep clicking backspace it doesn’t erase the whole expression? It does for me.

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huh, okay. now that I come back to it, backspace does clear the rest of the statement. Maybe it was temporary?

I’ll keep an eye on it. If it shows up again I’ll provide more info to see if it’s reproducible.

Regardless, seems like it would be more consistent to provide a visible icon.

This field is where the “without code” thing really breaks down. Technically, I guess it’s not “coding” if you write the sentence using dropdown menus, but you’re still writing a sentence, using text, because the options are too numerous to represent visually. So at least making all of the controls visual (like “remove last word”) would be consistent. Backspace isn’t visible.