Add review workflow - connecting data types

Hi. I’m totally stumped. This seems so easy but I can’t figure it out.

App: Restaurant review app

DB Type Setup:

  • Users
  • Restaurants
  • Reviews

I want to minimize user effort when adding a new review by also adding a new restaurant, only IF it doesn’t exist, and then add the new review referencing the existing or new restaurant depending on the case. I have built a single workflow that uses this basic structure…

  1. Click submit review
  2. If restaurant doesn’t exist, then add restaurant
  3. Add review

I’m able to add a restaurant if it doesn’t exist (using ‘only when count <= 0’). I’m also able to add a review. Unfortunately, there is no cross-link between data types:

  • Review type doesn’t store the restaurant record of the review
  • User type doesn’t store the review record

Can anyone tell me where’ I’m going wrong?