Add single item to a list data type and sort it

I have a Product table and it has a column called Logo of type image and a column called photos of type list of images. I have a requirement to show the logo as the first image and other photos of the product following it in a repeating group. I thought of implementing it by creating a custom state of type list of images and in the page load workflow, I am setting the list of images with current page product photos and adding items with logos. This of course gives the logo as the last image. When setting a custom state value, it does not allow me to do it reverse where I add the logo first ( as it is not a list) . I feel like I need to step back to rethink my implementation. Can anyone suggest how did you guys get around this requirement?


A) use :sorted if this can apply to your case
B) try to use Current page product’s logo:converted to list:plus list…

Hi there, @sshevade… I was playing around with this one a bit, and I couldn’t get Jici’s suggestions to work (no offense, of course, Jici). One way you could go, though (which might seem a bit hacky) is to load only the logo into the custom state on page load (which will put the logo into a list that only contains that one image). Then, set the repeating group’s data source to product_details's product images:merged with Current Page Product's Photos, and I think you might be good to go.

Hope this helps.


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I forget C) that might work. Use text instead. Current page logo, current page photos :join with,
Note the comma to join each expression
For display, use the state and complete with split by ,

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