Add Tag-words via search box (Flat & Modern Tags)


I would like to use the “Flat & Modern Tags” plugin for something like this:

The user can add some language skills to his profile by searching “engl” (whereupon he gets suggested the word “english”). As soon as he presses the enter key, the corresponding tag-word pops up under the search box.

If I understand the plugin’s description correctly, I need to create a database table which contains all the languages the user could potentially choose from. Something like this:

But what I would need is something like this:

Each user has different skills. So it would be great if the tags-plugin could use the “users” database table as a source. Would that be possible somehow?

My initial idea was to use the “Labels” in the Language table as a source for the search box and then (by pressing the enter key) copying the word to the current user’s Tag_Language cell (which then should be the source for the tags-plugin).

But it doesn’t work so far.

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