Add To List Workflow


I have a RG inside of a RG please see attached image.

I also have an input and I would like to add that input value to the _innerRG when the button is clicked but I am having difficulties figuring out the correct workflow arguments and was hoping someone could help?

The database structure looks like this:

What I’ve tried:
Step 1: Create a new _InnerRG… C1 = Input + AddItem’s value. Step 2: InnerRG-list add Result of step 1 (but this create a blank Title when creating the C1 item.
I assume I need to add input + Add Item’s value to C1 but also to the InnerRG-list. I’m trying to think this thorough but I cant see it.

Thank You!

Hi there, @luminrabbit… I just created an example on my end that does what you described, and it really should be as simple as having these two steps in the workflow associated with the Add Item button.

If that isn’t working for you, can you share screenshots of the configurations of your data types and the set up of your repeating groups?


Hi @mikeloc

Thank you sooo very much!
You make it look so simple :grin: its greatly appreciated!
Create a new thing then make changes to the list (that thing is in) and add it, Fantastic!

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