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Add users as admins in group

Hi All,

Relatively new to Bubble (less than a month) and building an app for poker management. Part of what I’m doing is creating leagues that someone will own, but would also want to have some admins joining them. I am working on the “Edit League” popup, and looking at the best way to add league members as an admin. I’m thinking of using something similar to the below, where you would type the name of the user and they would be added, and then the final list when you click save on the popup will be the admins (so it needs to be pre-populated when loading).

Firstly, does this seem like best practice or good UI to add admins, and secondly, I’ve been playing around and also Googling, but can’t work out how to create the above functionality. Is someone able to help here and give me a headstart on how to create the input with typeahead capabilities and tags inside the field?



For something like this, you can use the ‘Multi dropdown’ plugin. It has all this functionality covered. This would be the easiest way of doing it.

You can also build this yourself by creating the elements similar to the image and using a list of users in the parent group’s custom states to store the temporary list and then do DB actions on this list of users when ‘Save’ is clicked.

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Thank you, I have tried this and it provided me with the capability

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