Add Visibility to Transitions

I would like to be able to control how fast an object becomes visible. For example, in the link below I have an icon that I hover over and other icons appear. I would like to be able to ease into them by showing a small difference in the amount of time it takes for each to become visible. The small bottom icon would show milliseconds before the middle one, which would show milliseconds before the top one.

It’s unfortunately not totally straightforward, because display is a different property than opacity… Have you tried using the animation action?

OK, let me play around and see if there is another way to accomplish what I’m asking. Will look into the animation action also.

Hmm. Transition does a bunch but adds unnecessary complexity when toggle function could be used otherwise.
Could there be some toggle animations? That would show/hide an element based on its previous visibility state?

Any update on this? Being able to animate when an element’s visibility is toggled would make things look so much better. Doing it in workflows is a nightmare if you have lots of elements