"Add" vs "=" in Airtable's plugin

Hey everybody, I’m having an issue that is driving me crazy. On Airtable I’ve got my row of records, and within each row, I’ve got 6 other “Link to” columns. I use this to do several lookups that I need on a per row level (for other unrelated reasons). This is how it looks like:

I click on “Modify a Record” in a workflow, I set the Record to ID = Current user’s AirtableID (this part is correct for sure)

And what’s killing me is that when I try to send data to these “Link to…” Columns on Airtable, the first one (RecordID1) has a “=” next to it, but all the others (RecordID2 to RecordID6) all have an “add”.

This gives me an error on the workflow. But if I only leave “RecordID1”, the one that has a “=” rather than “add”, that one works! The only ones failing are the ones that have an “add” next to them. I’ve triple checked Airtable and they’re all the same type of column! I don’t see the error…