Adding a cooldown between same workflow activation

I was wondering if there is a straightforward way to add a cooldown (30 seconds for example) in between activation of a workflow.

I stumbled upon the “Add a pause before next action”. I was wondering whether this can be used as a cooldown. I know that different workflows work in parallel, but what about the same workflow? Does the first call of the workflow need to end before the next call of the workflow can begin?

Hi @nico.dicagno !

In general, the workflow don’t run respecting the order, but it depends on the actions you have in it.

Actions that require the result of previous steps will hold to start as well as every action after the “pause break”.

Based my understanding of the article linked below and your question, i think the best thing you can do is to create a custom workflow, called, say, “cooldown” and add the action “add a pause before next action” inside the custom workflow. Then it the main work flow where you need the cool down, call the custom workflow where you need the cool down, this would make all the next actions to wait till that pause time is completed before they are triggered.

You can read it as well to know how best it might fit your situation.

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