Adding a couple blank rows to a table/Repeating group

What would be the best way to do the following:

1-.user clicks Add more rows button
2-. 4 blank rows get added to the table/repeating group
3-. user sees gray squares on the places where he should enter data
4-. user clicks the edit button on the row that he wants to fill the information
5-. user fills information and row gets updated.

I’m having troubles for step 2 and 3.

For step 3- I can’t find a way to make a condition that states when the text value is empty change background color to gray

Step 2-. What would be the best way to create multiple things to a database with empty information?

On text input under the conditional tab, make the condition When This input's value is empty and change the property background style to Solid Color, and also change the color itself to what you want. Or you can reference “Parent groupu’s thing’s [your text field]” is empty

If you’re doing a set 4 things, then just do the “Create a thing” action 4 times when they click the button (make the action once then copy/paste it 3 more times)

Thank you very much! That worked really good

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Seems like you figured out the image one?

I did, thank you. I ended up putting a condition stating whenInput A's value is empty image source: (I added a gray square as image)

Thanks again

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