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Adding a field to the default sign-up form

Hi there - great work you’ve done with this, really enjoying playing around with it…

Is there a way to add a field to the default sign-up form?

I’d like to add a drop-down choice of locations to the form - at the moment, I’m trying to add a ‘create new thing’ to the work-flow for the sign-up form (after the ‘hide signup/login popup’) - but at the point where I need to choose to set a new field, I’m seeing no options for anything like the ‘Input address’ option from the lesson on saving data…

Thanks very much for any input (and lovely to see someone else using Discourse, too!) :sunny:

It depends where you want to send the data on. I believe you want to save it on the current user, right? in that case, you can:

  1. add the input that is needed in the sign up form. It’s not even a default form, it’s more a way to make it faster for users to start, but you can do what you want with it.
  2. in the sign up action itself, click on ‘set another field’ and define there the field you want to create and assign the value of the input.

Makes sense?