Adding a JavaScript feedback widget to bubble applications

Hi there,
Please bear with me.
I’m Joe from We have a person trying to use our software on It seems to be working fine for him in the pre-live environment, but not in live. I don’t see any errors related to in the console logs. However, I do see “other” errors that may impact it.

I’m not hugely technical, so my question really is:

What is the optimal way of installing a JavaScript widget (Two lines of JS) across a bubble application?
Below I will place some sample code.
Sorry if this is a very beginner type question, and thank you very much if you can help.


Here is some sample code:
Part 1:

window.markerConfig = {
project: ‘646f568a62e89bfc16ed9f23’,
source: ‘snippet’

Part 2:

!function(e,r,a){if(!e.__Marker){e.__Marker={};var t=[],n={__cs:t};["show","hide","isVisible","capture","cancelCapture","unload","reload","isExtensionInstalled","setReporter","setCustomData","on","off"].forEach(function(e){n[e]=function(){var;r.unshift(e),t.push(r)}}),e.Marker=n;var s=r.createElement("script");s.async=1,s.src="";var i=r.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];i.parentNode.insertBefore(s,i)}}(window,document);

You have better control over your code by creating a plugin.

I checked the usage of the widget, and it’s possible that the code you’ve entered in the header tag isn’t executing due to your plan limitations. Free plans usually don’t have the ability to run scripts.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

Thanks so much for your help.
This isn’t for me. It’s for another user of Bubble.
In the meantime, I also had some help with Bubble support, which was very valuable.
I now have a guide here for anyone else that may have been lost:

Thanks again for your help

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You’re welcome.
If you don’t mind, we can create a plugin in the future for easier implementation. Of course, it will be free.
It is a practical and lovely widget. :heart_eyes:

That is so kind of you, and in fact, we have a similar situation where someone developed a Drupal plugin for us. Would you like to have a quick video chat around this? As you can see from the above, I’m not hugely technical, but I’d love to chat. You can book me in here:

Sound good?

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