Adding a new item to a particular list item

I thought I had this solved in my previous post, but apparently not.

My app’s users can create multiple projects (I have a “list of project type” in the users data type).

Separately, users can also create jobs and add these jobs to their existing projects - if they want to. So there’s a list of jobs in the user’s data type and in the project’s data type.

So while creating job page - I show them a list of project’s and they can choose one project to associate the job with or leave it blank to associate it to the user directly.

Now, in my Job’s data type I have a “for project” field of type project - and I assign the value of the dropdown to this field - and that’s great I get to reference the project from within the job.

My question is - how do I list all the jobs a particular project has?!

I have a list of job types in the project data type - but I don’t know how to populate this field.

Please help.


do a search for jobs and constraint is for project=dropdown value //where dropdown value is actually specific project

The dropdown is shown during creation of the job.

And I want to list all the jobs in the project’s profile page. So I don’t have access to the dropdown’s value later

Hi there, @deburhuduga… there are a couple of ways to get the list of jobs. Because you are on the page of a specific project, you could do a search for jobs with a constraint where for project = the current page’s project.

Another way to go is to keep a list of jobs in a field on a project. So, when a job is created and a project is selected for that job, add the job to a list field on the particular project, and you will always have “easy” access to the jobs associated with a specific project.

Hope this helps.


then instead of dropdown value you can choose current page project

It’s the second method that I want to do. Gives me more control.

But I don’t seem to get around adding the new job to a particular project. Here’s how I’m setting up my workflow below:

You don’t want to make changes to a list of projects (i.e., you are using the wrong workflow action)… you need to make changes to a single project, and the project to change is the one selected in the dropdown. The change to make is to add the result of step 1 (i.e., the newly-created job) to a list field (that is linked to the job data type) on the project.

OK, thanks.

Does this look alright?

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Yup, it looks right… should be pretty easy to test, too.

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Thanks a lot for you help @mikeloc and @Qaiser

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