Adding a new object and appending it to an existing object in a 'list of'

For context, I’m creating email templates and saving them to a list of folder names.

I can create a new folder and add it to a list of folder names, and a new template is also saved to the list of folder names, however, when I select an existing folder name and create a new template, I can’t seem to append the template to an existing folder name.

I can’t seen to find an option for ‘list add’.


Thank you kindly for that video. It’s helpful in many ways but unfortunately isn’t quite what I’m after.

I can create the folders & templates perfectly fine but what I need to try and avoid is, when a new folder name is created, when that same folder name is selected in a dropdown (populated dynamically with folder names from the existing database), then append that new template to the existing list of templates held under that specific folder name.

Currently, what is happening, is when I select the folder, it creates an entirely new folder of the exact same name, rather than appending the template name of the type ‘List of Templates’ to the folder name.

Hopefully that made sense?


I’ve been able to resolve it, oddly, it all came down to a misunderstanding of the database structure and the relationships Bubble uses to structure data types and relationships.

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