Adding a password to existing email address

Hi, I’m struggling to get my head round the best thing to do.

I have a ‘register interest’ form on my website where users add their email address. It’s not appropriate to ask them for a password at this time (just like a guest account, I guess) .

Later on, these users have the chance to sign up properly. If their email address already exists, I want to add the extra data to their existing email address, but the issue is with adding a password. Could someone suggest the best workflow for this?


I’m assuming that you have a separate datatype for the ‘interested’ contacts…

In which case when they later sign up as as user you’ll get their password then.

Or are you using something like ‘Create account for someone else’ to register those interested?

Yep, in hindsight I should’ve created a separate data type of ‘interested’ rather than Create an Account for Someone Else, as you mentioned.
I’m wondering if I should a) bulk add all initial signups to a new table and then delete them as users…
Or b) assign a temp password to the existing users, then try and prompt a reset password