Adding a specific category to a repeating group

How can I make this repeating group only show movies that are in the Comedy category?

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Category contains input Categories's value


First I would not use text values for the categories. I would instead create an option set that will be used for your categories.

Your film data type could then have a data field that would be related to the option set of categories.

This will be easier to manage instead of text values and will be clearer in our Bootcamp lesson on database structure and design in week 3 of the course‚Ķultimately option sets are ‚Äėuniversal‚Äô to your app, so they are available to you as the developer in the form of a dropdown any where in the app you are going to use them‚Ķthis avoids needing to remember the categories, their spelling, their capitalization etc. and makes life a lot easier.

They are also very fast to load and are great for category filters.

Once you have done that your drop down will be a dynamic choices style and it would be the option set you created for categories.

Then your search will use the selections to filter by‚ĶI believe your ‚Äėinput categories‚Äô is actually a dropdown element (you should have it labeled as such to avoid confusion for yourself when calling values in dynamic expressions)‚Ķthe constraint would be Category contains DropDown Categories Value.

In week 3 of the bootcamp there is a page in the example application I created that is a full search page and goes through various ways to filter categories and best practices as well as looks at more advanced filtering methods using URL parameters and parameters as a list to allow a user to actually select a list of categories to filter by and in the lesson I demonstrate a few different ways to filter by the list of selected categories to either get exact matches (for example, user selects comedy and romance and only those films that contain both comedy and romance will be returned) or matches that meet a certain threshold (for example, user selects comedy and romance and only films that have either comedy or romance in the category list are returned.

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Thank you so much! It worked perfectly! :slight_smile:

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Awesome, glad it worked. For other users, please mark my post as the solution so any future bubbler coming across the thread in the forum search will see it has a solution and make it easier for them to navigate to a post that may solve their query.

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Done! :slight_smile:

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