Adding a Subscription to a Thing - Stripe Multiple Subscriptions

I’ve skimmed over the forum, but can’t find help into having multiple Stripe subscriptions for a user, but assigning each subscription to in my case a thing which is a listing.

So essentially a user will have multiple property listings and I need to be able to assign an individual subscription to each listing - any suggestions how this can be done?

Would I use the Subscription ID and dynamically add the listings sub ID?

p.s. I am using the Bubble’s Stripe plugin.


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@romanmg - I don’t suppose you have any advice or resources that could help guide me (thanks!)

Hi @luke2,

What it sounds like you need is to add a Subscription Item to a master subscription. That way, each item has its own plan, pricing, etc. , but is still under an umbrella subscription that the user will only receive one cumulative bill for.

Here’s the action you need:


The field for Subscription ID would be the overall subscription ID, and then below you can select a plan for this new Item. This item will also get its own Item ID, which you should save for modifying later.

You’ll also see that there are also actions for Updating a Subscription Item (e.g. changing quantity of an item), and Deleting a Subscription Item, which is different from canceling an overall plan.

This doc should also help clarify how it works in Stripe:

Hope this helps!

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Hey @romanmg

Thanks for the reply.

I’m following along with the master subscription and then having a subscription item as a child to the master parent, this makes sense. However I’m slightly confused as to how the subscription item will assign to a data type.

For instance on the site a user will create a property listing and then once details are added I would like them to be able to subscribe to a yearly plan. Once they are subscribed their listing will be active for that yearly period until expiration or renewal.
But I’m not sure how Bubble will know when each listing will be active or due, seeing the subscription item isnt assigned to that data type…

Would I need to add this field to the listing data type?
In order to create a relationship?

Thanks again for the guidance.