Adding a tip jar to user profiles that keep a %?

Has anyone successfully built an app with Bubble that can disperse payments to users / creators on your app?
I understand how to accept payments from users, but I’m interested in building a way to pay creators on the app. I need to build a feature similar to how Uber pays its drivers, Airbnb pays its hosts, and Ebay pays its sellers.
I would ultimately like there to be a system that pays the creator a % of the total.
How is this normally handled on Bubble? Thanks

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Hello @ryan1pasca welcome to the community!

Markerplaces in Bubble usually integrate to Stripe’s Connect Service. This is a service that enables sellers to get paid. Perhaps it will be worthwhile to explore the Stripe website to learn more about this. Also, there are Bubble marketplace templates with full Connect functionality. And there are also plugins that provide for this.

Here an interesting video:


thanks so much! I’m gonna try to integrate stripe soon! I’ll definitely look into the connect functionality and will let you know if it works!