Adding a type of selection (Color, Size, etc...) to Airdev shopping cart

Still spending time on this selection. When I think it should be easy to simply add a field to a new order created even tho it’s the same product but with a different field.

Here it’s well said… Every item should be unique and I get that, I’ll just need to filter my main repeating group then send correct data to the popup/group to display details then filter again to only have color items in my smaller color rg.

But instead of doing simple by having all unique items, I just want to be able to create a new order with the different color field using conditions when I press “Add to cart”.

So here:

When “The product is not present in the popup/group it creates a new order.” That’s the basic from the “AirDev shopping cart”

Or “The group size’s custom state is not in the ordered product list”. Which works but to just add one similar item since after that color is present in the list of ordered product. So I should add a function with color. I think about “And” but since the “Or” condition is already invalided after adding a similar item what to do…

Just hard to warp my mind around. Trying many conditions to succeed. It’s taking me days…

“And” (Defining the color and size of the order to be added and comparing it to the list of ordered products color and size at the same time) The problem is to define this type of function. It’s either one or the other.

Any way to do both in one condition?